Weft hair extension: The best hair product to choose of all time

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Weft hair extension is becoming more and more popular because of its convenience for customers with short hair who want long hair quickly. Let’s see what the features of weft/weave hair extensions are.

weft hair extension

Overview about weft hair extension

Weft hair extension is a form of hair extension that is produced by sewing into 1m strips and after the salon imports the goods, it will be installed or sewn on the customer’s hair. Since then, the customer’s hair can easily go from short to longer without spending too much time waiting. Especially with weft hair extensions, customers can choose the style and color to match their own wishes. Weft hair extension is usually bundled into small bundles of about 100 grams to suit the needs of customers

Characteristics of weft hair extension

Weft hair extension is the type that is very popular with salons because of its easy-to-use features, suitable for all customers and below are its two outstanding types.

Curly wavy weft hair extension

There’s a lot of style for this curly wavy weft hair extension type and here are its highlighted features:

  • Create volume for hair: for short and thin hair, it is definitely something that customers always want to receive. Weft hair extension’s curly styles not only create a luxurious beauty for customers but also make long hair beautiful without spending too much time taking care of the hair.
  • Limit hair damage: Customers often want their hair to be styled in a beautiful and gorgeous way. Usually when styling the hairstylist will curl the customer’s hair, but if you have used curly wavy weft hair extension, this step seems unnecessary. This will avoid unwanted damage to your weft hair extension.
  • Variety of colors: surely this is what every customer wants when having an outstanding hair color. With curly wavy weft hair extensions, you can completely choose your favorite color and even do your hair according to the trending highlight color style today. You will become very special and trendy when you own such hair.
curly wavy weft hair extension

 Natural straight weft hair extension

If there is a curly wavy weft hair extension, there will definitely be a natural straight weft hair extension. Let’s see what’s the difference.

  • 100% original hair: Natural straight weft hair extension is one of the hardest parts to get because society is developing and the supply is not as much as before, so this weft is extremely rare. This weft gives the feeling of strong hair and is very popular in European and African markets.
  • Easy to style: if you are a person who likes to style your hair then natural straight hair is a solution for you. Natural straight weft hair extension sets are usually very strong because they are made from 100% original hair, so you can easily create unique hairstyles or even strong bleach to get outstanding hair colors such as pink, neon, smoke,…
  • Create a classic beauty: Natural straight weft hair extension has been a beauty since ancient times and it is slowly making a comeback as straight hair is featured by many celebrities. Natural straight weft hair extension not only brings a sense of personality but also has a youthful and dynamic direction.

How to take care of weft hair extension

When using a weft hair extension, customers always want to keep beautiful hair for a long time. and here are some weft hair extension care ways that you should know:

  • Rinse your hair with warm water: you may think that weft hair extension doesn’t need to be taken care of like your real hair, but in fact, weft hair extension is also easily damaged because it’s made of real hair. Washing your hair with warm water will make your hair softer and easier to handle than when you wash your hair with cold water.
  • Limit hair drying: using direct heat on your hair will make the weft dry and quickly damaged, just like you using too much heat styling tools. And if you must use a dryer, make sure you condition your hair afterward to keep your weft hair extension in tip-top shape.
  • Choose the right shampoo: this is definitely one of the important steps you can’t skip to get a perfect weft hair extension. Just like real hair, the weft hair extension will also become shinier and smoother when the right shampoo is used. So if you choose a weft hair extension, take care of it because it’s your hair.

5S hair factory: Prestigious weft hair extension supplier in Vietnam

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5S hair factory
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