Why customers should choose 5S hair factory: One of the best wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam

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With the rapid development of society, it is not difficult for customers to find wholesale hair markets in Vietnam. So what are the potentials of the 5S hair factory to make customers trust and choose our products? This article will explain it to you.

One of the best wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam

5S hair factory: One of the best wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam

It is not natural to say that 5S hair factory is a large wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam, here are some examples:

5S hair factory is full of experience.

Surely for any market, having experience is always an advantage:

  • More than 30 years of experience: 5S hair factory has accompanied many businesses around the world with many large and small projects to provide high quality products from the Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor to international customers.
  • Received many positive feedbacks: in the process of accumulating experience in the wholesale market, it is extremely important to receive customer feedback. 5S hair factory is always very proud when customers who have purchased 5S hair factory’s products always receive the best experience and continue to maintain long-term business relationships. This is not something that can be achieved in a day or two, but it has been a long process over the course of more than 30 years at the 5S hair factory.
good feedback from customers

5S hair factory has a professional staff

Along with the success of 5S hair factory, it is impossible not to mention the dedicated and professional staff:

  • First of all, the customer care team of 5S hair factory: When learning about any wholesale hair market, surely the first impression of customers is also the attitude of the customer care staff. Understanding that mentality, 5S hair factory has invested a lot in the customer care department so that this department becomes experienced with a very professional attitude to serve the buying needs of customers from everywhere in the world.
  • Meticulous production department: the production department can be considered the root of any wholesale hair market and so is the 5S hair factory. This department will make an important decision on product quality, so 5S hair factory especially strengthens this department by experienced people in the profession and balances all employees with professional skills to provide the best service.

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High quality products of 5S hair factory

And finally the most important element of 5S hair factory is high quality products:

professional staff
  • Weft hair extension: This is a common hairstyle for the African market because African hair is quite short and difficult to style, so weft hair extension is a perfect solution. Weft hair extension of 5S hair factory has two main types: tape and tip to serve different needs of customers.
  • Wig hair: this is definitely a great product for customers with thinning hair that can be congenital or caused by chemotherapy. Don’t worry because the 5S hair factory wig is for you, a complete wig that is extremely versatile and can be used by almost all customers. Moreover, wig hair is very popular in changing hairstyles without spending too much time styling your hair.

5S hair factory cooperates with many wholesale hair markets in the world

Currently, 5S hair factory is called 5S Hair – Best Vietnamese Hair Factory cause they have been cooperating with many businesses around the world to supply Vietnamese products to the world, below are some typical wholesale hair vendors:

  • 5S hair factory with Europe: The European market is famous for its beautiful natural blonde and curly hair extension products with bold western features. However, when the social life increased, the supply of Europe was no longer enough to serve hair products so they turned to 5S hair factory. With a reputation for product quality and working methods, 5S hair factory has been cooperating with Europe and providing them with Vietnamese strong hair products to meet the demand for strong hair bleaching for coloring or simply bleached hair to suit the wholesale hair markets of Europeans.
  • 5S hair factory with America: The American market is also very potential because their products are often very high quality. However, because the supply is not enough to meet them, they have chosen 5S hair factory as a place to provide them with hair products to serve the beauty industry. With this market, 5S hair factory provides them with diverse products such as weft hair extension, wig hair, tape/tip hair extension… because customers in America are extremely diverse and they have many different requirements for products.
  • 5S hair factory with Africa: This is a special market because the characteristics of customers’ hair in the African market are often short, thin, and easily damaged because of the high temperature caused by the weather there. In Africa, they favor small curls to look healthy in their beautiful brown skin. With 5S hair factory’s products, customers with short hair can easily have long hair and easily style it because the quality of Vietnamese hair is extremely durable, strong and shiny.