Wholesale hair vendors: Potential markets in the world

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The current wholesale hair vendors are extremely potential markets that bring significant profits to suppliers. But along with the advantages, the wholesale hair vendors are also facing many challenges. Let’s find out in this article.

What are the wholesale hair vendors?

The wholesale hair vendors have been around since the 80’s and 90’s when vendors only traded in small forms such as collecting hair from people who wanted to sell them. At that time, the amount of hair sold to the wholesale hair vendors were very small and rudimentary did not bring high benefits. Later when the markets were developed, the products were collected in large quantities and produced according to the needs of the customers. The wholesale vendors are operated with two main forms: a trading company and a direct factory, thereby earning large profits for businesses.

The wholesale hair vendor: Potential and challenges

In any field there are advantages and challenges, so are the wholesale hair vendors

Potential of the wholesale hair vendors

  • The wholesale hair vendors are getting bigger and bigger, there are more and more opportunities for businesses:
    Autonomy in supply: As the wholesale vendors grow, there will be more profit from the supply of products. Therefore, each business needs to be autonomous in terms of providing goods to always ensure that goods are shipped on time with customers.
  • Professional production line: In order to produce a complete and high-quality hair product, the wholesale hair vendors need a professional production team to meet the needs of customers. The team is more and more intensively trained, which will make the market expand and become prestigious with customers.
  • High product quality: Along with professional production lines, it is easier for the wholesale hair vendors to choose high-quality hair types, thereby increasing product costs and leading to greater benefits.
Wholesale hair vendors bring great benefits

Challenges of the wholesale hair vendors

Along with the potential, the wholesale hair vendors are also facing many challenges:

  • High competition: the explosion of the market like a big wave poses many challenges for any business. Faced with fierce competition, the wholesale hair vendors need breakthrough differences and high product quality to ensure that businesses can stay in this market.
  • Expensive supply: it is difficult to obtain a large amount of raw hair in the wholesale hair vendors right now. As a result, prices are increasing and the supply is difficult to find, making it difficult for businesses to adjust product prices in accordance with quality.
  • High quality requirements: More competition requires the wholesale hair vendors to have high quality products to meet customers’ requirements to create trust as well as to have long-term business relationships.

Wholesale hair vendors have diversified supply

Hair supplies for the wholesale hair vendors can be found from all over the world. Here are some of the significant supply sources:

The main supply of wholesale hair vendors: Asia

Asians are always famous for their long, shiny, smooth hair and this is always the source of good hair for the wholesale hair vendors:

  • Wholesale hair vendors’ India: The Indian hair extensions are mainly non-remy hair and hair from temples because it is customary for Indians to cut their hair to offer it to the gods with their reverence. Since the people of India are still not widespread with hair dyeing, most of the hair from this place is original hair. To take advantage of that, the wholesale hair vendors have collected and recycled that hair to form high-quality products to sell to customers in need.
  • Wholesale hair vendors’ Vietnamese: The supply in Vietnam always ensures the quality is the original Vietnamese hair. Hair products are usually income from women in ethnic minority areas because they have a tradition of growing long hair. Those hairs are extremely strong as well as highly smooth and easy to produce for the wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam.
  • Wholesale hair vendors’ Chinese: In the past, China was a wholesale hair vendor with a large supply because Chinese women used to grow their hair long and sell it when needed. However, now China is increasingly urbanizing and self-sufficiency is not enough for production and export, so the Chinese wholesale hair vendor has to import raw hair for production.

Other supplies of the wholesale hair vendors

In addition to the Asia wholesale hair vendors, there are still many other suppliers in the world:

  • Wholesale hair vendors’ America: The American wholesale hair vendors are famous for their high quality hair products and especially Brazilian hair. However, now the amount they still produce is very small, but instead have switched to importing hair products from parts of the world such as Asia.
  • Wholesale hair vendors’ Europe: European hair is usually blonde and has beautiful natural curls. But recently, the European wholesale hair vendors can no longer meet the supply, so this market has also turned to importing hair products from the Asian wholesale hair vendors to produce bleached blonde curls suitable for the request of the Europeans.
  • Wholesale hair vendors’ Africa: African hair is often thin and curly to avoid direct damage from the sun. With such hair conditions, it is difficult to meet today’s ever-changing aesthetic. Therefore, the African wholesale hair vendors have imported products from the Asian wholesale hair vendors to serve the beauty needs of customers here.

Vin Hair Factory: The leading wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam

As one of the leading wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam, Vin Hair Factory has been developing into a prestigious market for all customers.

Vin Hair Factory supplies high quality hair
  • Experienced: Established in 1989, Vin Hair Factory has implemented many large and small projects and increasingly improved the quality of Vietnamese hair products to international customers.
  • Website: https://vinhairvendor.com/
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vin.hair.official/
  • Whatsapp: +84356665661 (Ms. Ella – Sales Manager of Vin Hair)
  • Product diversity: Coming to Vin Hair Factory, customers are not only served 24/7 but also have a wide variety of hair products for customers to choose from such as: remy hair extension, non-remy hair extension, virgin hair extension, weft hair extension, tip/tape hair extension,…
  • Reasonable price: As a wholesale hair vendor, Vin Hair Factory always focuses on all customers’ wishes from product quality to price. To meet the needs of all customers from many parts of the world, Vin Hair Factory always optimizes the most reasonable price possible but always maintains the quality of the products made. Because of that, Vin Hair Factory has gradually become a big wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam.