Virgin hair extension: Best seller hair extension in Vietnam

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Virgin hair extension is the most special hair extension on the wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam not only because of its quality but also because this hairstyle is gradually becoming a trend in recent years.

overview about virgin hair extension

Overview about virgin hair extension

Virgin hair extension comes from buying directly from women who are mainly in the high mountains and ethnic minorities. 10 years ago, buying and selling in the rural areas of the plains, however, due to the improvement of living standards and the process of urbanization. Even in rural areas, there are still very few women’s hair for sale and of good quality also poor due to previous bleaching and styling. Therefore, virgin hair extension becomes more and more rare and the price increases, but it is very popular with customers.

Pros and cons of virgin hair extension

The quality of each product is evaluated through many aspects, and here are some advantages and disadvantages of virgin hair extension:

Pros of virgin hair extension

Known for its high quality product, let’s see what are its advantages:

  • High quality: virgin hair extension is made from the smooth, shiny hair of Vietnamese women. The reason is that in Vietnam, the climate is cool, along with a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle. Vietnamese people know how to take advantage of natural products such as locust, lemongrass, and grapefruit to make their hair glossy black. Since then, virgin hair extensions have been produced to serve customers who want to have strong, natural straight hair.
  • High durability: for virgin hair extension, customers can be sure that they will receive products of long-lasting quality. With healthy hair, even if virgin hair extension goes through many hair products, it will still retain its original beauty.
  • Easy to style: with such good quality, customers can bleach, dye or style their hair. The material of virgin hair extension is 100% original hair of Vietnamese women, so it has not been processed or affected by any chemicals. When using, customers can bleach extremely bright colors without worrying about hair loss or severe damage.

Cons of virgin hair extension

Virgin hair extension will have its disadvantages along with its advantages, let’s see what it is:

  • Small quantity: Virgin hair extension is usually made from original hair collected from Vietnamese women. However, due to the growing society along with the high density of urbanization, it becomes more and more difficult to obtain good quality hair samples. Although there is still a certain supply, the quantity of virgin hair extensions is still a big problem for the wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam.
  • High price: along with the small quantity and high quality of the product, virgin hair extensions are becoming more and more expensive compared to other hair extensions. The production of high-quality products is always accompanied by strict requirements and especially requires more effort than the common ground. Therefore, it is inevitable that this hairstyle has a high price.
  • Need to be cared for carefully: hair care is something everyone knows and cares a lot, but especially with virgin hair extension, customers need even more attention. Because when customers spend a lot of money to choose a virgin hair extension, no one wants it to be damaged quickly and have to change hair extensions many times. Therefore, customers need to especially choose for themselves the right shampoos and conditioners to keep virgin hair extension strong and beautiful in the long run.

Some popular kinds of virgin hair extension

With hair extensions, there are always many different styles, here are some of the popular types of virgin hair extension:

some kinds of virgin hair extension
  • Tape virgin hair extension: This type is manufactured in the form of a thin layer of glue specially designed at the hairline. When purchased and used by the salon, it will be applied directly to each small part of the customer’s hair. With tape virgin hair extension, it can optimize complex stages and do not cause damage to the hair because it does not use heat, so it is very popular with customers.
  • Tip virgin hair extension: This style is designed for customers who already have long hair and want to make it longer or thicker. The way tip virgin hair extension works is that after being attached to the customer’s hair, heat will be used to melt the special glue to help attach it to the customer’s real hair, avoiding falling off when the customer washes the hair next time.

The best wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam: 5S hair factory

If you are wondering where to buy virgin hair extension, here are some suggestions for you:

5S hair factory
  • High reputation: it is not natural that foreign businesses come to 5S Hair to buy products like virgin hair extensions but not other wholesale hair vendors. The quality of this hair from 5S hair factory is always 100% original hair with high selectivity so that 5S hair factory products always bring a good experience to customers.
  • Reasonable price: because there is a direct supply, 5S hair factory does not take too much time in purchasing as well as the woman’s hair is already beautiful and strong, so it does not take time to process. Therefore, the price has been significantly reduced to match the wishes of customers when choosing to buy at 5S hair factory.