Ponytail hair extension: A special invention for those who love beauty

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Ponytail hair extension is a product that solves all the problems of girls who wonder about their hair being short, thin or tangled. They do not want to spend much time solving those problems.

Overview of Ponytail hair extension

Ponytail hair extension is a type of weft hair extension product designed with the characteristic of a long ponytail shape. This product is composed of hair and the part to attach to the part of the hair you desire. It has internal clamps and laces to shape and keep the hair from falling out. It is combined by hairpins and lace tape, which will make it easy to use and disassemble. Moreover, when buying the product, you will have an extra ribbon to tie the hair or fix more firmly the hair of the customer.

Ponytail hair extension products made by real or synthetic hair. Customers can consider their own costs and needs and limitations to choose products derived from real people’s hair or synthetic fibers for themselves. The hair created from real human hair will style the wearer naturally, gently and comfortably. As for synthetic fibers, if the customer does not know how to care for or use long-term, it will notice the confusion, ruffle or heavy head when the team also looks less natural.

Advantages and disadvantages of Ponytail hair extension

For any product that is manufactured and marketed, buyers want to know about the benefits and limitations. Let’s find out.

Advantages of Ponytail hair extension

There will be many benefits of a product, and that’s what it is.

Advantage of Ponytail hair extension
  • Currently on the market there are many hair extensions and wigs because the demand for beauty of people is always increasing, everyone wants to be beautiful. That’s why ponytail hair extensions have done that, it helps wearers to be more fashionable. For actors or singers who work in the arts, a day can change countless hairstyles every day, the demand for wigs is often high. From there, viewers see this product as a page style and suitable to buy and receive warmly.
  • With ponytail hair extension, users can easily remove and then team up again. Since it is only the rule that you attach to the head with the hairpin so that it is firm on the head. If the user doesn’t know how to mount, then you can search on Google or more directly than the video how to use this product. In just a few minutes, you can have a nice ponytail to wear out.
  • Ponytail hair extension helps customers create countless hairstyles, dye countless colors without worrying about affecting their real hair and scalp. In today’s world, beauty is a trend, hair, face, appearance is also worth paying attention to. When every woman spends a lot of hours, a lot of money to take care of her beauty, appearance.

Disadvantages of Ponytail hair extension

Besides the outstanding features, there are certainly limitations of this product:

Disadvantage of Ponytail hair extension
  • Ponytail hair extension is made from real human hair, and carefully selected, plus the effort of the manufacturer so the price of this product will be higher than other types of hair on the market. Customers should consider this and their costs to be suitable for purchasing the product. You can consider the benefits of this product in exchange for high prices.
  • Surely buyers will wonder about how to take care of hair, ponytail hair extension products are difficult to take care of. Because customers have to take care of many steps. For example, avoid using a hair dryer, do not use hot water for cleaning, and finally use a heat protector in case the customer wants to curl or straighten the hair. With these we can infer that ponytail hair extension products will be difficult to keep as beautiful as before using high temperature.
  • In addition to reputable high-quality products from famous brands, there are still many markets that make low-quality products to deceive consumers. This is perhaps the most worrisome point of the hair extension market and especially with ponytail hair extension products because not all products have high quality hair sources.

5S hair factory always ensures Ponytail hair extension quality

Ponytail hair extension product is a popular product among those who are passionate about the field of hair extensions because it creates an extremely dynamic and youthful beauty for those who use it. Besides 5S hair factory is one of the leading reputable hair extensions factories in Vietnam hair extensions market, the supply of high quality hair extensions is no longer too strange. The ponytail hair extension products that 5S hair factory offers are highly appreciated by international standards because not only of their good hair origin but also by the trendy designs that 5S hair factory brings to consumers.