The foudation of best hair factory in Vietnam

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Queen Hair factory is the best Vietnamese hair factory in many years. Their products has been regconized by many wholesale hair vendors in the world. Find out about the foudation of this factory now

Introduce about Queen Hair factory 

Queen Hair Factory has lately become a popular Vietnamese hair supplier. Because of their excellent quality Vietnamese hair and professional service, many wholesale hair dealers desire to acquire Vietnamese hair from them. But, in this post, we’ll discover more about Queen Hair Factory.

Story of Queen Hair factory foundation 

Queen Hair Factory has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality Vietnamese hair for over 20 years, reaffirming its position as Vietnam’s premier hair supplier and significantly expanding its footprint in the worldwide hair business. With over 1500 dedicated hair merchants worldwide, Queen Hair Factory has already established itself as the most dependable hair distributor in a variety of countries spanning from Africa to Europe.

Story of Queen Hair factory foundation
  • Queen Hair owns a hair factory with a total size of 25,000 square meters located in Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam. Queen Hair Factory specializes in high-quality Vietnamese hair such as: hair weaves, closures, and bundles, as well as custom-made goods.
  • Queen Hair’s slogan is “discover your inner queen,” and they think that every woman is beautiful and royal in her own way. That’s why they’re here to help you improve your hair, since every woman deserves to appear like a queen. Customers that shop at Queen Hair Factory are referred to as “Queens,” and they get the greatest hair quality and customer service. With Queen Hair 100 percent Vietnamese human hair, you may discover your inner Queen today and feel like the greatest version of yourself.

Main product of Queen Hair factory 

The goods of the Queen Hair Factory are of excellent quality. So, what makes their hair products so good, where do they get their hair from, and what items do they have. Let’s take a look below and see what we can find out.

Main product of Queen Hair factory
  • Because Vietnam is a raw hair material area, Queen Hair Factory has a lot of benefits when it comes to hair sources. Furthermore, Vietnamese women’s natural hair, which was previously strong, silky, and straight, is now mixed with a healthy lifestyle and food. As a result, Queen Hair products are created entirely of the high quality hair of Vietnamese women.
  • With over 20 years of manufacturing expertise, Queen Hair products are always of the highest quality; they are continually listening to consumer feedback and making modifications, so the quality is excellent. Furthermore, their hairstyles are constantly attractive, with no shedding or knots.
  • The primary Queen Hair goods are Vietnamese hair, which comes in a variety of different styles. Queen Hair Factory boasts a number of hair manufacturing professionals with nearly 20 years of expertise in the field. Their product selection is growing by the day; each season brings new and gorgeous items such as weft hair, virgin hair, and clip-in hair in a range of styles. As a result, wholesale hair vendors that purchase from Queen Hair Factory for business will be able to provide a wider range of hairstyles, lengths, and colors. As a result, their consumer base has grown.

Price list of Queen Hair factory 

Queen Hair’s pricing list for each product is quite reasonable, despite the fact that the company’s goods are of great quality. Queen Hair items will not need to be imported from other countries since they are situated in the raw material region. They will just need to be gathered in Vietnam. In addition, as compared to adjacent nations, labor expenses in Vietnam are regarded to be exceptionally low. This saves them a lot of money on manufacturing.

Price list of Queen Hair factory
  • Because of the wide range of items available, Queen Hair’s costs are likewise varied. Queen Hair offers customer-specific product bundles such as new business packages, small business packages, and large business packages, as well as individual items for moderate to high costs.
  • There will also be several Queen Hair pricing lists based on the kind and length of hair. If you need any sort, please contact their sales team, who will provide you a Queen Hair pricing list as well as more thorough information. Customers that purchase in bulk will get a special VIP Queen Hair pricing list, which is ideal for major dealers looking to maximize their profits.

If you have any question or want to place order with Queen Hair, please contact through Whatsapp +84855555829.

Payment and shipment of Queen Hair factory

With consumers from all around the globe, Queen Hair provides a variety of payment and shipping procedures. It is to guarantee that their clients get the best possible service from Queen Hair in order to feel as relaxed as possible.

  • Payment of Queen Hair factory

Bank Transfer, Western Union, and Remitly will be the three major money transfer methods for paying for Queen Hair. Queen Hair, on the other hand, offers confidential techniques to wholesale hair merchants from certain nations. For example, Queen provides the Naira agent to Nigerian wholesale hair merchants; the Naira agent is Nigeria’s most popular payment method. Nigerian wholesale hair merchants only pay in your country’s currency, which is a huge advantage of Naira agents.

Payment and shipment of Queen Hair factory
  • Shipping agents provided by Queen Hair factory

Queen Hair items are sent to clients using global shipping methods to guarantee the safest and quickest delivery possible. DHL, Fedex, and UPS were Queen Hair’s corporate delivery agents for many years. There is no need to debate about these delivery agencies’ reputation since they have many years of worldwide shipping experience that everyone is aware of. In addition, Queen Hair has a shipping agent in Nigeria who can assist Nigerian clients in lowering their shipping costs. Shipping costs from Queen Hair to Nigeria range from $8 to $15, which is a very reasonable price for shipping between two nations.

Feedbacks from Queen Hair customers 

People often consult evaluations from previous Queen Hair customers before purchasing Queen Hair items from the Queen Hair business. Queen Hair reviews will be the most accurate appraisal since it is the opinion of individuals who have bought from them.

Feedbacks about products by Queen Hair customers 

The majority of Queen Hair clients are happy with the quality of their goods; the hair is lovely and the quality is long-lasting, making it a pleasure to use and do business with. As a result, their firm has a lot of positive feedback and 5 star ratings. You may use this remark to evaluate their company in terms of quality, pricing, and services. Keep in mind that the best evaluations contain text, photographs, and videos to read.

Queen Hair’s feedback

However, there are a few negative reviews concerning Queen Hair, mostly because damaged hair occurs when hair is purchased and used inappropriately. When purchasing hair, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that the hair is used correctly and for the longest duration possible. If you don’t know how to properly care for this sort of hair, view a video on the Queen Hair YouTube channel or contact their sales team right once to prevent harming your hair product.

Feedbacks about services by Queen Hair customers 

When speaking with a consumer, the initial impression is crucial. Being raw Vietnamese hair vendors, Queen Hair strives to enhance customer service on a daily basis in order to make their consumers feel at ease and at ease while making a purchase.

  • Queen Hair has a lot of experience in the hair industry, therefore it knows a lot about client psychology. Queen Hair, although being a factory that specializes in dealing with bulk hair merchants, always makes it possible for all small hair merchants to order hair in tiny amounts starting at 0.3 kg (3 hair bundles). If you are still unsure if Queen Hair Hair goods are appropriate for your hair market, you may order a small volume of hair to evaluate the quality before deciding on Queen Hair as your primary hair source.
    Feedbacks about services by Queen Hair customers
  • The sales experts at Queen Hair are really passionate, offering several helpful hints to help your company grow. As a result, if you have any questions regarding your hair company or are having difficulty selling your hair goods, please contact a Queen Hair Hair sales consultant, who will provide you with precise instructions.