Must read AZ Hair Vietnam reviews before making a purchase

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One of the best hair factories in Vietnam is AZ Hair Vietnam, which offers various high-quality products at reasonable prices. To prevent tragic situations, let’s look at AZ Hair Vietnam reviews before purchasing hair from them.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews: Company overviews

Let’s first take a tour of AZ Hair Vietnam. You may read about the business, its background, size, and products in this area.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews about history of the company

Among the most recognized and expert Vietnamese companies in the production and export of Asian hair is AZ Hair Vietnam.

They have begun producing hair since 2011, AZ Hair Vietnam have been in business for more than 11 years and succeeded in building a name for themselves, a significant market share and a solid reputation. As among key participants in the hair extensions sector, Alibaba verified AZ Hair Vietnam reviews as the first Vietnamese hair company.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews about hair products

With over 11 years of experience, AZ Hair Vietnam specializes in the production of the highest quality remy human hair, weave, clip in, frontals,… AZ Hair supplies top quality Vietnamese remy hair which is sourced from 2 to 3 donors of the same caliber, serves as their main component.

AZ Hair Vietnam offers a wider range of items than other Vietnamese providers. You are free to select any goods you like. However, as they provide such a wide range of items, it is challenging to ensure the highest or most consistent quality of certain product categories.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews about range of products

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews about pricing

Price is typically the first factor a buyer takes into account before ordering.

Regarding AZ Hair Vietnam reviews evaluations regarding pricing, they provide very competitive pricing when compared to other hair providers in Vietnam. The cost will change according to the length, color, and quality. Naturally, the cost of coloured hair would be much more unaffordable than the cost of natural raw hair, and the cost of curly hair would exceed that of straight hair.

  • Costs of hair in bulk: 140 – 1504 USD/kg
  • Machine weft hair costs range from 198 to 1160 USD/kg.
  • Tape-in begins at 447 USD/kg.
  • Lace closures cost 33 USD.

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AZ Hair Vietnam reviews about customer service

Let check out some reviews of AZ Hair Vietnam about the customer support team, payment, delivery, return and exchange policies to see why they are known as the top Vietnam hair factory.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews about customer support team

AZ Hair Vietnam has their own customer service team which is always willing to help customers whenever they have problems while making the purchase.

With the ability of giving solutions and advice, the customer support team of AZ Hair Vietnam reviews definitely makes customers feel at peace when ordering from AZ Hair Vietnam. AZ hair Vietnam is considered as the top Vietnam hair factory for their excellent customer service.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews about payment

The following payment options are accepted by AZ Hair: Western Union, Money Gram, Onepay, Paypal, and bank transfers. Particularly, the fact that AZ Hair allows PayPal payments is an advantage for clients who want to shop with confidence.

To have the factory construct your hair, you must pay first after ordering and verifying your invoice. All clients who purchase hair products from AZ Hair Vietnam reviews have the option of paying in full at once or in installments. A deposit must equal seventy percent of the order’s total cost. Your order is shipped to the delivery agency when the money has been made in full.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews about delivery

The AZ Hair Company is dedicated to offering top-notch items to the global market. Every day, over 250 employees give it their all to supply the greatest hair products they can.
All your items might be delivered in 7 to 10 days if your orders are handled from Monday through Friday.

They may require ten business days to ship your order because of the huge amount of orders they get at busy times like holidays, specials, promotions, and the introduction of new products.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews currently have connections with all of the major international carriers (including FEDEX, DHL, and UPS). How much the package weighs determines the AZ shipping fees.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews about return and exchange policies

The policy of AZ Hair Vietnam was in effect in 72 hours following delivery.
It would be presumed that customers are happy with their purchases if they don’t require refunding in 72 hours after they receive their order.

The buyer is responsible for paying the price of shipping in return, which is separate from the amount which will be returned.

You may feel certain that you can buy at AZ Hair Vietnam reviews since you know the refund and return procedures are quite straightforward and clear. You can place smaller orders at first and move up to larger ones if you’re happy.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews about customer service

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews: What customers are saying

For more detailed information about the trustworthiness of AZ Hair Vietnam reviews, below are both positive and negative feedbacks from customers to AZ Hair Vietnam.

  • Quality: “I have recently made a purchase from AZ Hair Vietnam and they brought me such a disappointment. They gave me the pictures of the products which are really silky, shiny and cuticles aligned. However when I received my package, the hair product was different from the pictures, it was coarse and dry. I will never order from AZ Hair Vietnam again”. – Natalie, US.
  • Pricing: “A friend of mine recommended AZ Hair Vietnam for my first hair extensions purchase. I was so surprised when they supply high-quality hair products at such affordable prices. If anyone wants to buy hair extensions without breaking the bank, you should choose AZ Hair Vietnam”. – Anna, Germany.
  • Customer service team: “When ordering hair products from AZ Hair Vietnam reviews, I had some questions and problems that needed to be solved. Fortunately, their customer service team immediately answered my questions and gave solutions to my problems. This put me at peace while making my purchase here.” – Janice, Brazil.
  • Delivery: “I was so upset while waiting for my package from AZ Hair Vietnam. After I placed my order, they kept my package in storage for almost 2 weeks and didn’t even update the status of my order. And now after a month, I still haven’t received my hair products. This will be the first and last time I order from AZ Hair Vietnam”. – Jill, UK.

In conclusion

Based on my personal experience and the reviews of other customers, I would recommend giving AZ Hair Vietnam reviews a try if you’re looking for high-quality hair extensions.

While there were some issues with shipping times, the quality of the product and customer service more than made up for it. Plus, the pricing is competitive compared to other suppliers in the market.

In conclusion, finding the right supplier for your hair extension needs can be challenging, but with companies like AZ Hair Factory Vietnam, it doesn’t have to be.

So, go ahead and give them a try – your clients will thank you!