The Rendering Process of Collin Celeste Villa

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With this Collin Celeste project, we will focus on introducing the interior space of the entire resort with an area of ​​​​up to 1300 square meters.

About Collin Celeste Villa

In this first part, we will introduce you to the basic information about Collin Celeste Villa.

Customer’s initial idea of ​​Collin Celeste

For architectural works, the original idea of ​​the owner of that house or project is extremely important. It will contribute to the success of the on going project. Besides, it also orients the construction process in general as well as the rendering process in particular a right step and avoids unnecessary risks.

Customer’s initial idea of ​​Collin Celeste

In this Collin Celeste project, we got the idea from the owner of the resort. This project is built in a famous resort and villa complex in Vietnam named Flamingo Dai Lai with an area of ​​up to thousands of hectares and many other villas. And among them, Collin Celeste occupies a total area of ​​1300 square meters.

  • Firstly, Collin Celeste is a vacation home for travelers who need to spend the night and want to experience the comfort and completeness of a home.
  • In addition, this project became even more special when the contractor came up with the idea of ​​​​adding rooms such as spa, karaoke so that guests could feel most comfortable while resting at Collin Celeste.

Layout of Collin Celeste villa

Below is the layout proposed by project contractor Collin Celeste to our K-Render:

Layout of Collin Celeste villa
  • 1st Floor: Large living room and dining room
  • 2nd Floor: Bedroom, spa, karaoke for guests row
  • 3rd Floor: Dressing room and smaller bedrooms

Rendering process of the Collin Celeste project

In the next part, we will introduce the detailed rendering process of the Collin Celeste villa.

Using the right lighting for Collin Celeste villa

The first element that we want to introduce to you is light.

Lighting is an important factor in rendering not only Collin Celeste but also all the rest of K-Render Studio’s projects.

Using the right lighting for Collin Celeste villa
  • Firstly, the use of light is not an easy thing. As one of the best 3D rendering studios, our rendering artists must represent the light of the room in the most realistic way and highlight the furniture and furniture inside the room or the entire space.
  • Secondly, in this Collin Celeste project, our customers are the villa owners who do not pay too much attention to the light of the outside environment. What they want is that the light inside the room can be enough to highlight the interior and the soul of the whole room.
  • Thirdly, in rooms with open spaces such as living rooms or special spa rooms, we add a little more natural light to help viewers feel the warmth and authenticity of the colors. common in those rooms. Besides, rooms with more enclosed spaces such as karaoke rooms and bedrooms, we will use more lights to suit the user’s living and resting process.

Choosing the right interior material

The second factor that you should pay attention to during the rendering process is the choice of interior material for the Collin Celeste villa.

Choosing the right interior material
  • Firstly, the interior of the villa is selected by the owner of this project. Besides, our K-Render Studio also commented and edited some things to make the overall interior in each room more harmonious and suitable. This will help the rendering process a lot.
  • Secondly, K-Render’s animators have used techniques on each rendering software to be able to bring the best quality products and customer satisfaction. If it is furniture, they will try to give it a wood shine so that it looks like a real photo.

Find the angle and number of scenes for each room in the Collin Celeste villa

And the last important factor is that the K-Render animators will select and search for the angles and suggest the number of scenes for each room of this Collin Celeste project.

Find the angle and number of scenes for each room in the Collin Celeste villa
  • Due to the customer’s request, the photo angle does not need to be too close or too far, but only needs to have a reasonable and reasonable height, which can show the viewer the entire scene of the house.
  • Next, with the number of scenes for each room, we always recommend based on the area of ​​that room. For large and spacious rooms such as the living room, kitchen or master bedroom, the number of scenes will be more than even double the remaining rooms. If the rooms are smaller and have a closed, closed space, the number of scenes for such rooms will only fluctuate at 2-4 scenes for a room. With familiar camera angles such as straight angle, right angle, left deviation … depending on the wishes of the customer.

General comments and customer feedback

That’s the entire rendering of the Collin Celeste project. You all know that in order for a project to be successful, a lot of synergies are needed. However, the K-Render rendering team worked hard and tried their best to successfully complete the project beyond expectations. 

General comments and customer feedback of Collin Celeste

The customer response that this outsourcing 3d rendering service is also extremely good They predict this new Collin Celeste villa will become a tourist destination with the best experiences that customers want to visit.


We always want to send our deepest and most sincere thanks to our customers who have always trusted and given us the opportunity to serve and give you great experiences. Besides, we are also proud of the quality of our products and experienced staff. Contact K-Render Studio immediately to be the next to experience this great service.