Ruby Hair wholesaler- The best Vietnamese wholesale hair supplier you should know

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Since it is commonly accepted that Vietnamese hair is of a higher grade than other hair types from other nations, Vietnamese hair is extensively counterfeited in the market today in an effort to take advantage of clients. For the reasons given below, Ruby Hair wholesaler ought to be your top pick if you’re looking for a reputable Vietnamese hair supplier.

Who is Ruby Hair wholesaler?

Customers who wish to purchase hair samples manufactured from high-quality genuine hair can do so at Ruby Hair wholesaler. In addition to prospective domestic clients, Ruby Hair wholesaler also receives outsourcing requests for the manufacturing of several hair products for international markets including America, Europe, Australia and Russia. All of the hair extensions that we sell were made in our facility. The hair will then be given straight to clients without the need for any middlemen. This is an excellent suggestion that not only helps clients avoid frauds but also lowers a lot of unnecessary expenditures.

Ruby Hair wholesaler, in particular, welcomes discounted pricing. For clients and partners, the finest quality and pricing are guaranteed thanks to an exclusive facility that produces hair on demand. 

The certificates of incorporation from the USA and Nigeria that we proudly received in 2019 This was such a great reward for all of our hard work along the way.

What Ruby Hair wholesaler distributes?

Vietnam, Brazil, and Cambodia are the top 3 nations in which Ruby Hair wholesaler trades its hair extensions. The hair that predominates is of exceptionally excellent grade and comes from Vietnam. Customers have a variety of options when it comes to hair extension kinds. Significantly, weft hair bundles are our highlighted products. 

Also available are hair closures, frontals, and several more varieties of hair extensions. Customers can select natural or groomed hair for their hair extensions. We provide a range of stylish hairstyles in our styled hair extension categories, such as colored hair, bone straight hair, curly wavy hair like pixie curly hair, water curly hair, bouncy curly hair, body wavy hair, and more.

The reason why Ruby Hair wholesaler is the best choice for you

The interesting things that make Ruby Hair wholesaler can be mentioned first are the product lines they sell in the market and the rapid expansion of sales in recent years. The main product lines, and best sellers of the factory can be mentioned as:


  • Vietnamese hair extensions


Ruby Hair wholesaler supplies a large number of hair extensions from Vietnam. Vietnamese human hair, Vietnamese virgin hair, Vietnamese Remy hair, and bleached color virgin hair are the available hairlines. The Ruby Hair wholesaler brand is made up of all of these highly popular, premium goods. These product lines have been sold in a variety of nations, and their customers have generally been quite satisfied. The quality of the hair extensions may still be preserved with the proper hair styling and coloring because all hair kinds have extremely high-grade materials, and smoothness and shine are requirements.


  • Burmese human hair


Burmese human hair is a kind of hair extension that comes from that country. One of the various styles made with Burmese human hair is friendly Burmese, which is perfect for styling curly Burmese hair. This hair type may be curled to any degree since it has a little firmer structure than Vietnamese hair.


  • Various hair from different sources


In addition, a variety of various hair extension items are imported, processed, and sold by the factory, at sales locations, on e-commerce websites, and their websites. These products originate in India, China, and the Americas. In various nations throughout the world, the business also provides these items to authorized dealers. The middle class typically purchases this product line since it is less expensive.


Ruby Hair wholesaler continues to make efforts every day to satisfy the needs of our devoted consumers. As making customers satisfied means making ourselves happy, we intend to go as far as we can on this trip.