Bảng giá Mercedes AMG GLA 45

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Hình ảnh bắt mắt, thiết kế trẻ trung, cùng mã lực mạnh mẽ mang đến những lợi thế vượt bậc cho dòng xe SUV cỡ nhỏ này. Với những ưu điểm vượt trội này liệu bảng giá Mercedes AMG GLA … Continued

Makers’ thumbs up for hand vacuum

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Manufacturers of hand vacs intend to clean up in the fourth quarter with sales spurred by memorable television, radio and print ads as well as clever in-store promotions. The Black & Decker Collector and Dustbuster series, Eureka’s Corvette Vac, Royal’s … Continued

Profits to be bagged on accessories

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Hoover’s promotion has sent vacuum cleaner sales escalating, but manufacturers think supermakets are missing out on bags of extra profit. Sally Maslowska reports. NEWS OF Hoover’s free-flight promotion will have undoubtedly stuck in the mind of anyone opening a journal … Continued


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The vendor, best known for compact refrigeration, will offer two uprights, a canister and a feature-laden lightweight. Avanti has lined up eight vac distributors to cover the nation separately from its appliance network. “We’re going to approach it a little … Continued

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