K-Render Studio’s incredible services you must know

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Let’s learn about K-Render Studio and services that you might be interested in!

Overview of K-Render Studio – 3D rendering studio

In this first part, we will introduce a bit about the history and formation of this 3D rendering studio.

K-Render Studio is a company established in 2013 under the direction of Vietnamese architect – Ryan Josherpher and CEO Daniel Nguyen. If you want to know more about the two co-founders of K-Render, you can search on search engines like Google and other famous social networks.

Overview of K-Render Studio – 3D rendering studio
  • Firstly, this 3D rendering studio owns a team of experienced staff. The team of rendering and rendering architects is extremely talented and well-trained. In addition, the company also has good employees with many skills in management, marketing and especially a professional sales department, experienced in different large and small architectural projects.
  • Secondly, the projects that this 3D rendering studio offers abound. Prominent are large projects with architectural works of scale and area up to thousands of square meters. If you have taken a look at the homepage of K-Render Studio as well as the company’s portfolios, you will surely know about the big projects of some corporations such as Flamingo Dai Lai or VinGroup…
  • Thirdly, our 3D rendering studio are very proud to be the face of the biggest rendering companies in Vietnam and have been honored with many great awards..

The services that our 3D rendering studio focuses on providing

In the next section, we will introduce the services and areas that our 3D rendering studio focuses on participating and providing to customers.

Interior rendering service – #1 services of our 3D rendering studio

The main service that our 3D rendering studio pays special attention to is interior and exterior rendering.

Interior rendering service of K-Render
  • Firstly, interior rendering is how we simulate a room or a house, an architecture in a still image.
  • With our 3D rendering studio’s interior rendering service, customers will be advised by us from the first steps to the rearrangement of ideas and how to choose the items that can be used. be included in their architecture.
  • In addition, customers do not need to worry too much about the price and cost of this service of our 3D rendering studio because we assure our customers that the price will always be suitable for you.

See more https://k-render.com/the-information-of-outsourcing-3d-rendering-service-you-should-know/ to have the most essential when using outsourcing 3D rendering services.

The outstanding architectural works that have used our interior rendering service can be mentioned as the following projects:

  • Sweet Butter Home project: with an area of ​​250 square meters and 3 floors for a family In daily life, Sweet Butter Home project is one of the most successful projects of our 3D rendering studio.
Sweet Butter home Project interior
  • Next is the Kenli showroom project: The owner of Kenli showroom has trusted and cooperated with our 3D rendering studio twice 
  • In addition, there are still many other large and small projects with the scale and area are sure you will be amazed about it. For more information, please visit the company’s official website to see many products and projects of our 3D rendering studio.

Exterior rendering service 

Similar to the interior rendering service that we mentioned above, the exterior rendering service is also one of the two services that our 3D rendering studio wants to focus on exploit to serve customers.

Collin Celeste project exterior
  • Firstly, exterior rendering is how we describe the entire outside space of an architectural work with images and editing and color mixing techniques on professional rendering software.
  • Secondly, the exterior rendering service is also a strength of our 3D rendering studio. If the interior rendering service will bring customers great products about the space inside the house. Exterior rendering will create a beautiful and wonderful scene for customers who want to visualize the outside space of a house.

Our 3D rendering studio’s exterior rendering service is also highly appreciated by customers. We have done a lot of projects focusing on this service and received a lot of positive feedback from customers and users of the project.

Outstanding exterior rendering products include:

  • The Collin Celeste project – one of the largest-scale projects that our 3D rendering studio has ever implemented.
  • Besides, there is also the TPlace project – representing the most luxurious resort houses in the city’s capital.
TPlace Project exterior view
  • In addition, there are many other interior and exterior projects. If you want to know more about them, you can visit the official our 3D rendering studio’s website and visit our portfolios to read more about the renderings that K-Render has created.

Our our 3D rendering studio’s consulting services on architectural design 

Besides the two main services that our 3D rendering studio focuses on, there are also sideline services such as free consultation on architectural design as well as the field around your architecture or project.

Other products of rendering made by K-Render

If you want to be the next lucky customer to have the opportunity to experience these great services, do not hesitate to contact K-Render Studio right now!

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