K-Render exterior rendering in the Collin Celeste project

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The Collin Celeste project is the largest project that K-Render Studio has ever collaborated on. The house has both interior and exterior spaces. However, in the article below, we will only focus on the exterior space of Collin Celeste.

About the exterior Collin Celeste project

In this first part, we will introduce the typical details of the Collin Celeste project outside.

Customer’s first Idea for Collin Celeste project

First of all, we’ll go over the customer’s idea and desire for the Collin Celeste renderings.

  • Collin Celeste project is a special project with an area of ​​​​up to 5000 square meters. It was built in a resort complex called Flamingo Dai Lai located in Vietnam with a scale of thousands of hectares of land and other resort houses around.
Customer’s first Idea for Collin Celeste
  • The owner of this land also made it clear to K-Render about the soul that needs to be blown into for Collin Celeste project. They want to bring a really modern and comfortable space for visitors who want to visit and have a great experience here.
  • In addition, to increase the uniqueness of this resort, the architect designed it, so it had a separate idea for Collin Celeste project, which are relaxation rooms such as spa, karaoke..

Collin Celeste project’s layout

Below this is the layout of the house Collin Celeste project in interior 

Collin Celeste’s layout
  • Floor 1: living room, dining table, kitchen. All those rooms are connected to each other, focusing on a large living room without any separation.
  • Floor 2: large bedroom, the interior space includes a bed and extremely comfortable items such as air conditioning system, television, a small table and chair for 2 people.
  • Floor 3 (continued): karaoke room, spa room

The rendering process of Collin Celeste project

In this section, we will introduce more closely the rendering process of Collin Celeste house.

Using light in this resort villa

Light is the first factor that we need to pay attention to when rendering a project. Because the light in the house or natural light from the outside environment will contribute to creating accents for your room.

Using light in this resort villa

With the Collin Celeste project and its interior space, the K-Render animators were also very meticulous and careful when taking this first step. This is the reason why our studio is the best choice when our customer want to find the outsourcing 3d rendering services.

  • We found Collin Celeste project to be a very large house. Therefore, setting the beam will be a bit difficult. If you adjust the light too much, it will make the house not beautiful and true. But if the light is too dark, the entire color in the house will be dull and the accents inside the room will not be clearly shown. Viewers will feel uncomfortable when watching Collin Celeste project’s illustrated product.
  • In addition, we also used more yellow lights when rendering the rooms inside Collin Celeste’s project. The illustrators used precise techniques and editing tools as well as features in professional visualization software to be able to bring customers the most satisfactory and realistic images.

Choosing the right materials and right for the contractor of Collin Celeste project

The next important factor in the rendering process is the selection of the right materials.

Besides, the material in the interior space is the source and the material used for the furniture in your home. More specifically in Collin Celeste project, the main material chosen by the investor is wood. With a large area and huge budget to build this project, it is not surprising that most of the interior of the house is made from expensive wood. Therefore, the rendering process of the K-Render animators also encountered a bit of difficulty.

Choosing the right materials and right for the contractor of Collin Celeste project
  • They will have to create a set of shadows for the wooden furniture so that they look as natural and realistic as possible.
  • And show the right mood and color of that item. The harmonious color combination is also an important factor to make the furniture in the house complete and more like real life.

Place the camera in the right place in the house

Besides, we also want to introduce an element that seems insignificant but plays a big part in showing the whole scene of Collin Celeste project.

Place the camera in the right place in the house

For houses with more area, the number of scenes as well as camera angles will also be more than normal houses. This Collin Celeste project is a resort villa project. Therefore, the investor needs a lot of scenes and camera angles to be able to show the entire interior space inside the house. And this will help customers who come to relax and visit Collin Celeste project can best feel each location of the house without having to visit in person.

General comments and customer feedback about Collin Celeste project

And finally, after the investor of this project received the most complete rendering products of Collin Celeste project after many edits. They have had extremely good feedback on the quality of K-Render Studio. And they will definitely come back to continue to cooperate with us.

K-Render as one of 3D rendering studios, we always want to have more customers and large and small projects so that the company can try more fields and different types of architecture. Thank you customers for always trusting and working with K-Render Studio to create a branded company like it is now.

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