High quality rendering product of Rilassante project

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The renderings of the Rilassante project have shown the perfection of the design with the requirements of the homeowner. Besides, the professionalism and talent of K-Render Studio rendering artists are also clearly shown through this product. Read this article to see realistic renderings of the Rilassante project.

The design of Rilassante project

Rilassante is a house with a unique design that leaves a deep impression on viewers.

  • A house with rustic style, designed based on the preferences and lifestyle of the owner. The design unit has successfully completed the task of designing the house in accordance with the wishes of homeowners – a comfortable and comfortable living space.
The living room rendering of Rilassante project
  • Rilassante has a common living space (including living room and kitchen) and 4 bedrooms. The design of each area has its own features but still ensures to create harmony for the whole house. The functional area of ​​the house is reasonably divided to create comfort for family members.
  • K-Render Studio’s customers expect light to be incorporated into the rendering image appropriate for each area. K-Render Studio has fully understood the client’s requirements to complete the project as best as possible.

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Factors that contribute to make the realistic rendering of Rilassante project

Here are the factors that make Rilassante rendering realistic.


In order for the design beauty of each area of ​​the house to be depicted in the rendering, natural light and lamp light were used alternately and appropriately.

  • Natural light is used in the common living space – which creates an impression on viewers. The space looks more open and spacious thanks to the cleverly brought in natural light.
Natural light is used in common living space rendering
  • Lamplight appears in the bedrooms – where the members relax and rest. This is a reasonable use, because the light of the lamp creates a feeling of warmth and comfort for the room space.


The material in the Rilassante project is the highlight of the design. Therefore, K-Render Studio rendering artists have completed the material rendering step very well.

Raw cement and raw wood are two main materials in the living room

Raw cement and raw wood are two materials that contribute to highlighting the rustic style of the house. Therefore, rendering artists need to pay attention to including these types of materials in rendering images for the most realistic.

Rendering angles

Camera angle is also a determining factor in image rendering quality.
In the Rilassante project, rendering artists used camera angles flexibly. Horizontal camera angles, vertical camera angles and diagonal camera angles are used alternately so that the viewer understands the entire design of the house.

Feedbacks about the rendering of Rilassante project

Immediately after the Rilassante rendering project was completed, K-Render customers gave positive feedback.

  • Regarding rendering quality. The rendering image of the Rilassante project fully and accurately shows the layout and design details. Viewers feel impressed by the authenticity of the space as well as the unique design of the house.
  • About K-Render Studio. K-Render Studio works very professionally and systematically. The working process is clearly discussed from the beginning to help customers easily track the progress of the work. Team of highly skilled rendering artists, clearly shown through rendering images.
  • Customers are very satisfied with the Rilassante project results and will definitely cooperate with K-Render Studio on future projects.