Hanoi Cinnamon Company Mission To Bring Vietnamese Flavors To Global

The Hanoi Cinnamon Company, a leading Vietnamese spice manufacturer, is on a mission to share the rich flavors of Vietnamese spices with the world. Known for its high-quality cinnamon and other aromatic spices, the Hanoi Cinnamon Company is dedicated to promoting the culinary treasures of Vietnam beyond its borders, with a focus on sustainability, ethical sourcing, and global awareness.


1. A Brief History The Founding of Hanoi Cinnamon Company


Founded in 2000, the Hanoi Cinnamon Company has quickly become a major player in the Vietnamese spice industry. The founders, passionate about the quality and versatility of Vietnamese spices such as cinnamon, and star anise, saw the potential to turn their love of these natural ingredients into a global enterprise.

Today, the company processes and exports an extensive range of spices including cinnamon, star anise, ginger, turmeric, and more to a growing international clientele.


2. The Special Characteristics Sets Hanoi Cinnamon Apart

This part will help you learn more about Unique Flavor Profile of Cinnamon from Hanoi Cinnamon Company.

2.1. Distinct flavor of cinnamon from Hanoi Cinnamon


Vietnamese spices have a distinct flavor profile that sets them apart from other spice-producing regions. Owing to the country’s diverse geography, the soil and climate conditions in Vietnam provide ideal growing environments for many different spices, making them uniquely vibrant and aromatic.

Central to the Hanoi Cinnamon Company’s offerings is its namesake cinnamon, a variety known as Vietnamese or Saigon cinnamon. This type is widely regarded as the best quality cinnamon available, with a higher oil content and a warmer, sweeter flavor than other varieties.


2.2. Sustainability and responsibility of Hanoi Cinnamon


The Hanoi Cinnamon Company is committed to sourcing its spices responsibly and sustainably, ensuring a healthy future for both its products and the communities that cultivate them. The company works closely with farmers to promote organic and environmentally friendly farming practices.

Moreover, Hanoi Cinnamon Company is dedicated to ethical sourcing, fair wages, and ensuring that its suppliers meet high labor and safety standards. This commitment to ethical and sustainable practices is not only good for business but also helps to safeguard the traditional methods of spice cultivation for future generations.

The Special Characteristics Sets Hanoi Cinnamon Apart


3. Hanoi Cinnamon Global Expansion Bringing Vietnamese Cinnamon to Globe


With an ambitious plan to introduce Vietnamese spices to the international market, the Hanoi Cinnamon Company has already built a strong presence in various countries across North America, Europe, and Asia. The company is focused on expanding its distribution network and partnering with renowned chefs, restaurants, and retailers to showcase the versatility of Vietnamese spices in global cuisine.

The Hanoi Cinnamon Company’s passion for Vietnamese spices, coupled with its commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability, has set the stage for the company to become a major player in the global spice industry. By introducing the rich and complex flavors of Vietnamese spices to the world, the Hanoi Cinnamon Company is poised to make a lasting impact in the culinary world and put Vietnam on the spice map.

Hanoi Cinnamon Global Expansion Bringing Vietnamese Spices to the World


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