Coarse Cambodian hair for the best outlook

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As the hair extension market expands, it is becoming increasingly important to have access to a consistent supply of raw hair resources. Coarse Cambodian hair, a new source of raw materials, appears to be a good fit for the current market for hair extensions.

Overview of coarse Cambodian hair

Many individuals are under the impression that Cambodia’s lack of economic development may be attributed to the fact that it is a relatively underdeveloped nation.


  • According to a large number of studies, the national average income in Cambodia is the lowest of any population in the world. Because Cambodia has such a low average salary, many Cambodian women make ends meet by selling their hair to supplement what little money they make.
  • After that, the coarse Cambodian hair is utilized to produce extensions or exported for usage in other places where there is a shortage of raw hair. Because it possesses so many desirable qualities, coarse Cambodian hair is frequently utilized in the production of hair extensions.
  • Coarse Cambodian hair is often considered an acceptable substitute for Brazilian hair due to the thickness and gorgeous curls that are comparable to Brazilian hair. According to the aforementioned study, the texture of Brazilian hair is smoother and less dry than the texture of Cambodian hair. Despite the fact that Vietnam and Cambodia are geographically close neighbors, the texture of Vietnamese remy hair extensions is coarser than that of Cambodian remy hair extensions.

Coarse Cambodian hair products, which are manufactured from natural hair without the use of chemicals and have a high variability in quality, are inexpensive on the present market for hair extensions. This is due to the fact that Coarse Cambodian hair products are made from natural hair.

Features of coarse Cambodian hair

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Characteristics of coarse Cambodian hair

Some of the most fashionable hairdos for Asians with thick hair include the following:

  • A brand new supply of raw materials has recently been identified, and it consists of Coarse Cambodian hair. The natural herbs that are used to care for Coarse Cambodian hair give it a light ebony color, but the hair itself lacks luster as a result of this. Cambodian hair is known for its gritty texture.
  • The fact that Coarse Cambodian hair is so fine and easily broken makes it an undesirable material for use in hair extensions, despite the fact that it can still be exported to other countries and sold there. When it comes to Cambodian hair, there is a noticeable lack of shine. In order to drive up the price of Cambodian hair on international markets, some chemicals are used into the production of hair extensions produced from Cambodian hair.
  • A large number of different types of hair extensions and weaves, both straight and curly Coarse Cambodian hair that can be colored, can be crafted from Cambodian hair. The use of hair extensions is no longer necessary in this industry as a result of the availability of raw Cambodian hair. Expanding the range of styles and materials available for Cambodian hair could help the country break into the international market.

Types of coarse Cambodian hair

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  • The Coarse Cambodian hair industry, like many other raw hair kinds available on the market today, bases its production primarily on virgin hair and remy hair as its principal raw materials. Because of the superior consistency of the materials used in modern hair extension products, Coarse Cambodian hair may be easily incorporated into the worldwide market for hair extensions. This is due to the popularity of Cambodian hair.
  • The type of hair known as virgin hair is distinguished by its superiority in both quality and value and can be obtained from nearly any source. Raw virgin hair is incredibly rare in Cambodia, and only the wealthiest women in the country have the physical ability to create it. These ladies also have the most lustrous hair. However, it can be difficult to find Cambodian women willing to part with their locks, which is one of the reasons why it is difficult to find virgin hair in Cambodia.
  • Coarse Cambodian hair is used in the production of hair products that are often of a high quality; nevertheless, because it is collected from a wide variety of sources, it is difficult to guarantee that the goods will be consistent. Remy hair, on the other hand, is the cornerstone of not just the hair extension goods marketed in Cambodia but of all hair extension products worldwide.

The consequence of this is that Coarse Cambodian hair is more expensive than Vietnamese hair, despite the fact that the quality of Vietnamese hair is without a doubt greater.